Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Lieutenant General Alvan G. Gillem, Jr.,2 to Brigadier General Henry A. Byroade, at Peiping

29320. Subject is Communists in Canton area. Following steps have been taken by ComGenChina to assist Field Team 8 in the movement of subject forces:

A 14-man team under command of Colonel Trent has been alerted for the past 10 days awaiting further word from Field Team 8 prior to departure from Shanghai. This team will include signal, medical and army troop movement personnel.
Serums have been made available in Shanghai through Central Government channels. U. S. DDT power and sprayers are available.
Com Seventh Fleet will furnish water transportation for team to the Mirs Bay Area.

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Upon notification here from Field Team 8 as to staging area selected and date movement team is desired, team and equipment will be started south. In this connection probably not less than 48 hours notice to the Navy will be required for provision of necessary transportation from Shanghai.

Our contemplated directive to Col. Trent restricts the activities of his team to the staging area and the port of embarkation. It is estimated that 5 days or more will be required for the water trip from Shanghai to Mirs Bay, thus it is desirable this headquarters be advised at least 7 days prior to the date movement team is desired at Mirs Bay.

  1. Acting Commanding General, U.S. Forces, China Theater, during the absence of General Wedemeyer.