Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Chou En-lai to Lieutenant General Alvan C. Gillem, Jr.

Reference your letter of March 22nd,83 the following is submitted:
Your attention is called to the fact, that since the Communist-led forces in Kwangtung are distributed at two places—the East River and the Hainan Island—, it calls for at least two POEs, instead of one, as was suggested in your letter.
The total strength estimate of the subject forces is over 3,000. Probably a number of women and children shall be moved along. The women, some being family dependents, others being medical and political workers, have not been included in the afore-mentioned strength estimate. However, the total number of women and children shall not exceed 500.
Boca Tigris anchorage seems not suitable to be POE, since it is too far away from the locations of the subject forces. Instead, we deem Mirs Bay and Tanhsien, Hainan Island, to be the most appropriate POEs in question.
The rations and medical supplies for this group while in the staging area and during the water lift should be provided by the government, in accordance with the general demobilization plan.
There can be no doubt, that the Communist forces in Chefoo shall welcome their landing at Chefoo.
The closing date at, and the definite locations of, POEs, and the exact number of persons to be moved, shall be subject to a survey of the Eighth Field Team at Canton, and ultimately determined at the conferences with Generals Lin Ping, Tseng Sheng and Feng Pai-chu.
In this connection, I wish to inform you, that I have decided to send Mr. Liao Chen-chi as the Communist representative to the 3-man group set up here. He will also take two signal officers—Capt. Wang Tsun-sheng and Lieut. Chiu Wen-sung—and radio equipment along. General Lin Ping, political commissar of the East River Brigade, who is momentarily here, shall accompany the group down to Canton and the Communist area.84

Faithfully yours,

[Signature in Chinese]
Chou En-lai
  1. Not found in Department files; apparently it referred to telegram of March 22 from Lieutenant General Wedemeyer to Lieutenant General Gillem, p. 616.
  2. See telegram No. 402, March 30, from Lieutenant General Gillem to Lieutenant General Wedemeyer, p. 634.