Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Draft of Directive to the Executive Headquarters and Field Team, Hankow, Prepared by General Chou En-lai on March 26, 1946

With a view to facilitate the execution of the Army Reorganization plan,75 it is decided, that, of the 60,000 Communist-led forces in the Central Military Region. 40,000 armed officers and men shall be moved to North-Kiangsu or North China, for securing food supplies and being ready for reorganization, 20,000 shall be demobilized on the spot, and 8,000 unfitted for service owing either to age or health condition—shall be shipped from the Yangtze port to North Kiangsu for health restoration. The completion of the movement is set for one month. The line of transit and other detail matters pertaining to the movement shall be worked out by the Executive Headquarters within ten days in accordance with the directive of the Conference of Three, and be executed under the supervision of the field team.
The Government assumes the responsibility for making loans, both in the form of food and money to the subject troops, so as to meet their supply needs over the entire period of preparing for and executing the movement and demobilization. The Communist Party shall return those loans in the form of food at other agreed places. For the above purpose a detail plan shall be worked out by the Conference of Three.
With a view to facilitate this movement, the field team shall notify the Generalissimo’s Headquarters at Wuhan and the Pacification Headquarters at Chengchow to the effect that, being in conformity with the Cease Fire Agreement, they should immediately issue orders to all government troops concerned to lift the siege and blockade over the Communist troops in that area, and to destroy all fortifications in its vicinity. The field team shall also notify all military and civil authorities in Hupeh, Honan, Anhwei, and other provinces through [Page 621] which the subject Communist troops shall pass to extend such facilities, as labor supply, food purchase, quartering etc. along the entire line of transit, to strictly abide by the terms of the Cease Fire Agreement and to give safe conduct to the subject troops. The Communist troops shall also promise that while on the move they would at no place make any delay other than those being specified. To ensure the adherence of the foregoing points the Executive Headquarters, or the Field team, shall send, for supervisory purpose, liaison teams to accompany the troops movement, and also to effect the exchange of liaison officers between the relevant troops of both parties, making sure of having no unforeseen incidents.
To effect the demobilization of the 20,000 men, the Chinese Communist Party shall set up on the spot a Demobilization Committee, which deals with the detail matters according to the demobilization plan. The Executive Headquarters shall have two additional field teams located at Hsuanhwatien and Sangshutien, to supervise the implementation of the demobilization plan. The Government authorities shall refrain themselves from such actions as showing disfavor to the demobilized personnel of the subject troops. They should issue explicit orders for the protection of the life and property of the latter.
In order to accomplish the lift, the 3,000 unarmed, non-able-bodied men shall be assembled at Hankow, and the Executive Headquarters shall make arrangement with the U. S. Forces or the Chinese Government with regard to the number of boats required and the date on which the boats will arrive at Hankow. The field team shall accompany the lift, and supervise the arrival of those men at the Communist area in North-Kiangsu.
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