Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Lieutenant General Alvan C. Gillem, Jr., to Brigadier General Henry A. Byroade, at Peiping

348. Just received word that C–47 which took General Chou En-lai to Yenan is returning today, 22 March 1946, to Chungking without General Chou En-lai. Was informed by General Chou En-lai’s secretary here in Chungking that General Chou En-lai proposed to remain in Yenan for 4 or 5 days. It is not likely therefore that we can get an agreement for dispatch of field teams prior to Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime however I am sending Caughey37 to Yenan on the 23rd in my C–54 to impress on General Chou the importance of his immediate return to Chungking. Suggest in meantime you collect airfield and local condition information for field team entry or possibly my trip to Mukden in which case you may desire to accompany me. Another message from General Marshall38 overrides our objection to proceeding prior to entry of teams. I will keep you informed.

  1. Col. J. Hart Caughey, Executive Officer on General Marshall’s staff.
  2. Telegram No. 81547, March 21, p. 590.