Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Draft Prepared by General Chou En-lai20

Instructions for Executive Headquarters Regarding the Entry of Field Teams Into Manchuria (Draft)

Field teams, with carefully selected personnel, will be sent into Manchuria immediately under the following instructions.

The teams will carry out their mission in accordance with the instructions of the Executive Headquarters.
The teams should be established within the areas of the Government troops as well as the Communist troops, keeping clear of places still under Russian occupation.
Teams should proceed to points of conflict or close contact between the Government and Communist troops to bring about a cessation of fighting and to make the necessary readjustments.
While reestablishing Chinese sovereignty in Manchuria the Government is authorized to move troops into the localities now21 being evacuated by the Soviet troops, viz: the railway line between Mukden and Changchun, with a strip of 30 li on both sides of that railway section.
If it becomes necessary for the Government troops to occupy those localities now held by Communist troops, it should be effected through discussion among the field teams and if an agreement cannot be reached it will be settled by higher authority.
The future disposition in Manchuria of all armies will be fixed according to the reorganization plan.
The Government assures that it will immediately discuss the political matters pertaining to Manchuria with the Chinese Communist Party in line with the decisions of the Political Consultative Council. As an interim measure the Government will maintain the present status of the popularly-elected local governments without any obstruction or interference, pending a settlement of the political matters.
  1. Forwarded by General Chou to Lieutenant General Gillem.
  2. General Chang objected also to this draft because of the word “now”.