Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Draft of Instructions for Executive Headquarters Regarding the Entry of Field Teams Into Manchuria 99

Field Teams, with carefully selected personnel, will be sent into Manchuria immediately under the following conditions:

The mission of the teams will pertain solely to military matters.
The teams should accompany Government troops, keeping clear of places still under Russian occupation.
Teams should proceed to points of conflict or close contact between the Government and Communist troops to bring about a cessation of fighting and to make the necessary readjustments in order to avoid future trouble. They should visit Communist Commanders and headquarters.
The Government troops are authorized to reestablish the sovereignty of China in Manchuria. Specifically, they are to exercise exclusive control of a strip 30 kilometers to either side of the two railroads mentioned in the Sino-Soviet treaty.
Communist troops will be required to evacuate such places as are necessary for the occupation by Government troops in reestablishing the sovereignty, including coal mines. Communist troops will not be permitted to move in and occupy places evacuated by Russian troops.

  1. Prepared by the Staff of General Marshall and used as the basis for discussion at the meeting of the Committee of Three on March 11, infra.