Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Document Prepared by General Marshall 97

Basis for Entry of Field Teams Into Manchuria

The teams should accompany Government troops, keeping clear of places still under Russian occupation.
They should proceed to points of conflict or close contact between government and Communist troops and bring about a cessation of fighting and the necessary readjustments to avoid future trouble.
The government troops are authorized to occupy any places necessary to the re-establishment of the sovereignty of China and are to exclusively occupy a strip 30 kilometers wide either side of the two railroads mention[ed] in the Sino-Soviet treaty.98
The Communist troops will evacuate any places to be occupied by the government troops for the re-establishment of sovereignty, communities, coal mines, utilities, etc.
The Communist troops will not be permitted to move in and occupy places evacuated by Russian troops.
  1. Apparently the form in which President Chiang Kai-shek approved in principle the entry of field teams into Manchuria; drafted in long-hand by General Marshall about March 9 at Generalissimo Chiang’s country place outside Chungking.
  2. Signed at Moscow, August 14, 1945; Department of State, United States Relations With China (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1949), pp. 585, 593.