Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

The Government Three-Point Proposal Offered to the Communist Party

Early cessation of hostilities has always been the wish of the National Government. In order to attain this object, it is necessary for the two sides to reach an agreement on a definite procedure to be followed by both sides. Otherwise, the proposal to cease hostilities will, in practical application, run into difficulties. For this reason, the following suggestions were offered to the Communist representatives:

All military conflicts throughout the country shall cease and railway transportation shall be resumed.
As matters relating to the cessation of military conflicts and removal of obstructions to transportation, etc. also affect the discharge of China’s obligations vis-à-vis our Allies regarding the acceptance of Japanese surrender and the repatriation of Japanese troops an agreement for a definite procedure regarding the cessation of hostilities and the resumption of railway transportation, etc. should be made. It is proposed that the National Government and the Chinese Communist Party should each appoint a representative to discuss and formulate concrete measures for the settlement of the aforesaid problem with General Marshall. Measures so agreed upon will be presented to the National Government for enforcement.
The Resident Committee of the People’s Political Council shall elect five impartial observers, forming a Military Inspection Mission, to inspect the military situation and transportation facilities in the zones of conflict as well as other matters related to the return of peace in our country. The Military Inspection Mission shall, from time to time, make reports on the situation and release them for publication. When the Political Consultative Council is convened, it will be invited to send impartial representatives to take part in the work of the Military Inspection Mission.