761.93/1–846: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kennan) to the Secretary of State

64. Chiang Ching-kuo has left Moscow on his way back to Chungking. (Sent Dept as 64; repeated Chungking as 4.) Chinese Ambassador left yesterday morning for London for UNO54a Conference in London.

Chinese Chargé has given me in confidence following version of background and purpose of meeting. In November, Chinese Govt was extremely worried over situation in Manchuria. Chinese had been permitted by the Russians to despatch 300 liaison officials to Changchun. Upon arrival there these officials had found large Chinese Communist forces encamped on edge of town. Russians were threatening to evacuate place and leave them at mercy of Communist forces. Similar situation prevailed in one of Manchurian ports. In order to bring about solution of question, Chinese had proposed visit of Chiang Ching-kuo to Stalin, but had received reply that Stalin was away on vacation and could not receive him until he returned to Moscow and reassumed conduct of affairs. Thereafter, in December matters had improved greatly in Manchuria and there was no longer any urgent necessity of such a visit. Having made the request, however, Chinese felt obliged to go through with it. Chiang had seen Stalin twice during his visit here and conducted conversations personally in Russian with Stalin. For this reason, Chinese Ambassador, who was [Page 76] present at both interviews, had not entirely understood course of conversations although he had of course had complete subsequent reports from Chiang. Discussions had been limited to technical modalities of future collaboration in Manchuria, questions of guarding the railroad, of Soviet seizure of industrial equipment, etc.

  1. United Nations Organization.