704.11B00/6–146: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States High Commissioner in the Philippines (McNutt)


1089. For the High Commissioner. By formal request dated June 1, Roxas in letter to Dept requested that pending establishment Philippine Republic Foreign Service US Foreign Service represent Philippine interests in “various areas in which we have particular Philippine interests”. He states his Govt prepared cooperate fully with US “in effectuating any and all arrangements which may be necessary under such a program of representation” (Deptel 970, June 6, 6 p.m.44).

Dept informing Philippine Resident Commissioner Washington willingness US represent Philippine interests with statement that you are being requested discuss matter with appropriate Philippine authorities Manila to acquaint them with services this Govt can perform this regard and to obtain specific designation those countries in which US representation Philippine interests desired.

Please discuss foregoing with appropriate authorities and inform Dept, obtaining detailed directives from Philippine authorities re services to be performed for Philippine nationals within scope Dept’s [Page 888] handling, particularly re financial assistance and repatriation Philippine nationals.

Discussion should include provision for Philippine interests deposit from which Dept may defray expenses this representation. $25,000 suggested fiscal year 1947. For your information if Filipinos unable make deposit Dept will explore possibility advancing funds or arranging loan this purpose, with understanding for reimbursement.

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