811B.01/5–746: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner in the Philippines (McNutt) to President Truman


725. For the President from McNutt: Deptel 731, May 2. I called on Roxas yesterday and delivered your message. He asks me to convey the following to you:

“I am greatly honored and deeply affected by your thoughtful message delivered to me by High Commissioner McNutt. I had, as you know, already planned to visit the United States when your message arrived. High Commissioner McNutt had graciously agreed to accompany me to the United States and to present me to you at the White House and otherwise to sponsor my visit to the country of my allegiance which, even after July 4, will hold a place in my heart next after that occupied by my native land, the Philippines. I am thrilled and all Filipinos are thrilled by your meaningful action in formally inviting me to be guest of the United States during my stay in Washington.

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My coming to America on the eve of my inauguration and the eve of the launching of the Philippine Republic fills me with joyful anticipation. I will have the privilege of presenting my respect to you and of assuring you of the gratitude and abiding loyalty of the Philippine people. I look forward to the opportunity of thanking you personally, in the name of the people, for the heart-felt interest you have so often shown in our welfare. While there, in addition to discussing the many official problems which face my country, I shall be proud to see again at first-hand the men and the land who liberated my countrymen from the brutal oppressor. I shall be honored at the opportunity to give thanks for the victory of freedom and democracy, to whose advancement I have pledged my own supreme efforts in the Philippines.

I am delighted to accept your invitation. President Sergio Osmeña has graciously associated his good will with the forthcoming mission. I accept the honor paid to me as a tribute to all my countrymen who are today and will forever henceforth be bound with you in a common union formed of past associations and mutual ideals and principles for the advancement of the concerns of all free men everywhere.”