811B.001 Roxas/5–246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Manila (Steintorf)


731. Following for High Commissioner from the President:

“Please call on President-elect Roxas and extend to him my congratulations on his election. Please also tell him that, when I received information from you that he planned to arrive in Washington May 9 accompanied by you, I had already approved a telegram, which had not yet been dispatched, asking you to extend to him a cordial invitation in my name to visit Washington at an early date. I am gratified that he plans to visit the United States in as much as there are a number of questions which it would be highly desirable to discuss with him prior to his assumption of the Presidency on May 28. You should also indicate to him that I have declared a period of mourning for the late Chief Justice Stone which will not end until May 23 and that this fact will have to be taken into consideration in our reception of the President-elect.”