856E.00/3–3146: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Foote) to the Secretary of State62


121. Clark Kerr informed me today that the points of view of Dutch and Indonesia delegations re future of Indonesia (see my telegrams 11363 and 114, March 27 and 28) were close enough to justify trip to Hague by Van Mook to consult Dutch Govt. Van Mook leaves for Hague April 4 accompanied by Clark Kerr who will aid Van Mook by giving Dutch Govt his views. Sjahrir in order to speed the bridging of remaining difficulties has designated Doctor Soewandi, to accompany Van Mook and Clark Kerr to the Hague.64

After plenary session of March 30 Clark Kerr said “Much has been achieved. Loose ends now remain to be tied up at Hague. I am going to England for holiday and then to Washington. I do not think I need to return to Java. Last plenary session ended today with the two delegations toasting each other.”

Van Mook said negotiations at Hague will be matter of a week or less and they will be finalized at Batavia; French treaty of Vietnam had pointed way to a solution which would otherwise have been difficult to find; final result should be reached in not too long a time. New constitution for Indonesia was discussed but actual drafting of it will begin after other groups not presented at conference have been heard. Van Mook praised work of Clark Kerr and paid tribute to character and intelligence of Sjahrir.

Clark Kerr, Van Mook and Sjahrir dined with me last night and all were in happy mood. More details and comments to follow tomorrow.

  1. Repeated by the Department as telegram 224, April 2, 6 p.m., to The Hague and as 2867 to London.
  2. Telegram 113 not printed.
  3. This party left April 4 for The Hague, without stopping at Saigon.