856E.00/3–2846: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Foote) to the Secretary of State

top secret

114. Clark Kerr today let me read the Indonesian counterproposal to the draft of a treaty handed to Sjahrir by Van Mook and mentioned in my telegram 113, Mar 27.61

Preamble says Netherlands Govt represented by Van Mook, Lieutenant Governor General of Netherlands East Indies, and Republic of Indonesia represented by its Prime Minister Soetan Sjahrir agree as follows:

Article 1 says Netherlands Govt recognizes the Govt of Republic of Indonesia “as exercising de facto authority over Java and Sumatra with the exception of territory which is occupied by the Allied Military Government”. Netherlands Governor agrees with Govt of Republic to work for speedy construction of federal Indonesian free state to be a “partner in a state comprising also the Netherlands, Surinam and Curaçao”.

Article 2 provides that Govt of Republic agrees to receive in friendly way Allied troops, including Netherlands troops, which are in or are to enter Java and Sumatra following decisions of Allied Commander in Chief and that Indonesians will cooperate in rounding up Japs and releasing internees.

Article 3, when agreement becomes operative hostilities shall cease and troops remain in their respective positions except as agreed under Article 2. Both parties will consult as soon as possible about joint action for implementing this.

Article 4, Netherlands Govt agrees to open negotiations with least possible delay re structure of the Indonesian free state, its place in the Kingdom, relations with foreign powers, etc.

Article 5 provides that areas outside Java and Sumatra may be represented in negotiations and become part of Indonesian free state.

Article 6 says if any area outside Java and Sumatra objects to joining Indonesian free state, Dutch reserve right to have special relation therewith but that after three years there shall be a referendum in such area to determine its future.

Van Mook is now in Surabaya but expected in Batavia tomorrow. Clark Kerr says this agreement may be signed within week or ten days or shortly after Van Mook’s return.

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Indonesian counterdraft is essentially the same as that proposed by Dutch except that Indonesian includes Sumatra. This may be severe political headache for Dutch but I prefer reserve comments pending return of Van Mook.

  1. Not printed. Texts of drafts exchanged, obtained from Mr. Sjahrir, were transmitted to the Department in despatch 32, April 17 (856E.00/4–1746).