740.00119 Control (Korea)/1–1246: Telegram

Lieutenant General John R. Hodge to the Secretary of State


Tfgbi 125 [to Tokyo]. Following letter received 8 January from Colonel General Ivan Mikhailovich Chistiakov, Commanding General 25th Army Soviet Forces in Korea.

“Dear General: I have received from my Commanding Officer orders to discuss with you important questions about south and north [Page 609] Korea, and to take measures to establish permanent administrative coordination between American Command of South Korea and the Soviet Command of North Korea. It is necessary to do so within 2 weeks of conference between representatives of American and Soviet Commands in Korea.

Hereby, I have the honor to inform you of our readiness to conduct such a conference.

The representative of the Soviet Command in this conference is Colonel General Shtikov, who is ready to meet with your representatives between the 15th and 20th January, 1946, in Seoul or any other place convenient to you.

Colonel General Shtikov will be accompanied by the Political Advisor Tsarapkin, Major General Panin [Shanin], Major General Romanyenko and the group of advisors and technical personnel of between 12 and 15 men.

If you are ready to conduct the above mentioned conference, will you kindly appoint your representatives and inform me of your agreement about conduction this conference.

Respectfully yours, Chistiakov, Colonel General.”

My reply by letter dated 9 January follows:

“Dear General Chistiakov: I have the honor to have received your letter of 8 January in reference to a meeting between representatives of the Soviet and American forces in Korea.

I suggest that the place of meeting be at Seoul and that the date be not later than 15 January, 1946, or as soon thereafter as your party can arrange.14

I will provide accommodations for the Soviet party of 12 to 15 persons. If there is any change in the total number in the party, it is requested that I be informed in sufficient time to make the necessary billeting arrangements. It is also requested that I be furnished with a full list of your party by rank and a statement of office equipment desired by them. These may be dispatched by telephone direct to my headquarters or through the Soviet Consulate.

Major General A. V. Arnold will head the American committee for the conference with Colonel General Shtikov and will have the necessary and appropriate technical personnel readily available.

It is presumed that the Soviet personnel will travel to Seoul by rail. If this assumption is correct, it is requested that I be informed of the expected time and date of arrival in order that we may meet and transport them.

In order to facilitate further communication between our two headquarters, it is suggested that you place a Russian English language interpreter on duty with your headquarters.

Sincerely yours, John R. Hodge, Lt. General, US Army, Commanding.”

  1. For report on the conference held between January 16 and February 5, see despatch 19, February 15, from Seoul, p. 633.