895.01/1–1246: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea ( Benninghoff ) to the Secretary of State


Tfycgj 219 [to Tokyo]. The Moscow Communiqué provides for the creation of a provisional Korean Democratic Government. There is already in existence a Korean Provisional Government headed by Kim Koo who is an important political factor in Korea at present.

The Public Information Section of Military Government, which is about to initiate a publicity campaign in connection with the new set up, has suggested that in order to avoid confusion and possible charges of favoritism it adopt the term Interim Government.

It is also suggested that the various concerned agencies in Washington adopt that terminology.

In view of the circumstances outlined above and also having in mind the possibility that Kim Koo might use the similarity in terminology for his own political purposes, I heartily indorse the suggestion of the Public Information Section and hope that the Department will consider using the word Interim when referring to the regime to be established under the aegis of the US-Soviet Joint Commission.