740.00116 P.W./1–246

The British Embassy to the Department of State


The following is a list of the major Japanese war criminals who His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom consider should be tried by the International Military Tribunal:

  • To jo, General Hideki,
  • Togo, Shigenori,
  • Nakamura, Lt. General Aketo,
  • Doihara, General Kenji,
  • Nagano, Admiral Osumi,
  • Oikawa, Admiral Koshiro,
  • Shimada, Admiral Shigetaro,
  • Umezu, General Ushijiro,
  • Itagaki, General Seishiro,
  • Terauchi, Marshal Count Hisaichi,71
  • Matsuoka, Yosuke.

His Majesty’s Government would be grateful for the views of the State Department on this list.
Marshal Terauchi, Lt. General Nakamura and General Itagaki are in command of armies in the South East Asia Command and for this reason His Majesty’s Government do not wish any steps to be taken for their arrest until the concentration and disarmament of the forces under their command have been completed.
  1. The Department in its telegram 49, January 16, 1946, 6 p.m., to the Acting Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson), stated that the British Embassy had requested the withdrawal of Count Terauchi’s name from the British list, since a serious illness rendered him unable to plead (740.00116 P.W./1–1646). Count Terauchi died subsequently.