740.00119 P.W./2–2846: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kennan)9

top secret
us urgent

347. Top secret for Kennan from the Secretary. I desire you to communicate to Molotov draft treaty on Japanese disarmament set out in my immediately following telegram No. 348. This draft is similar to but not identical with the draft treaty on German disarmament recently submitted to Molotov. Modifications considered either necessary because of different circumstances in Japan or desirable minor improvements on draft of German treaty. Explain this draft like that on Germany is working draft only and that I will be glad to receive suggestions. Inform him that I am also sending this draft treaty on Japan to Bevin and Wang Shih-chieh.10 I desire that this treaty also be handled in strictest confidence. Send your messages this subject top secret for me.

  1. Same sent as 1863 to London.
  2. See supra.