740.00119 Control (Japan)/1–846

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Japanese Affairs (Turner)

Mr. Everson38 laid on my desk this morning the Departmental press release39 in regard to the State-War Department group of experts headed by Mr. Corwin D. Edwards of the State Department which will proceed to Tokyo to “procure data and make studies for use in connection with the implementation of Allied economic control policy in Japan”. Mr. Everson said that this notice to the press was the first intimation received by the British of any such project on behalf of the Allies. He said that while he was not instructed to make any representations in the matter, he felt that the time had come when the major Allied powers should be kept informed at least, if not consulted in advance, of any steps being taken in connection with important control policies. He said that thus far the British Government [Page 104] had been content to let things take their course, in view of the efficient way in which General MacArthur has handled the situation in Japan, but that hereafter with the setting up of the Far Eastern Commission and with more active participation by other of the Allied governments in control policies toward Japan, the British Government would wish to be afforded an opportunity to express its views in such matters.

I informed Mr. Everson that I would bring his views to the attention of the authorities concerned.

  1. Frederick C. Everson, Second Secretary, British Embassy.
  2. No. 5, January 3, Department of State Bulletin, January 6 and 13, 1946, p. 10.