871.00/5–2146: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Representative in Rumania (Berry)

us urgent

329. In view further deterioration Rumanian political situation as reported in your recent tels and those your Brit colleague, the continued absence date for elections, and increased violence of repressive measures against historical and Petrescu–Socialist parties, we believe it now opportune to protest to Rumanian Govt violations of assurances given Tripartite Commission in January.

Soviet Govt rejected US proposal of tripartite approach to Rumanian Govt in this regard (Moscow’s 1344 Apr 25 being rptd to you) but Brit are anxious to join in two power representations without delay.

[Page 593]

Accordingly please consult your Brit colleague, and when he has received instructions to take parallel action, deliver note of protest to Rumanian Govt along lines Deptel 2605 Mar 23 to London, rptd Bucharest as 186, to Moscow as 539 revised and supplemented in your discretion by subsequent developments. Note should emphasize failure arrange early elections.

Inform Moscow in advance of intended transmission of note giving text in order that Emb may inform Soviet FonOff concurrent with delivery.

Sent Bucharest as 329 rptd to London as 4175 and Moscow as 935.