871.00/5–1346: Telegram

The Representative in Rumania (Berry) to the Secretary of State


493. President Bratianu of National Liberal Party has addressed letter to American British and Russian representatives in Rumania pointing out that shortcomings of Govt have become increasingly clear in 5 months since its reorganization.

Bratianu cites official and clandestine censorship of press; unequal distribution of newsprint; onesided propaganda in favor of Government made by state broadcasting service; aggressions of shock troops transported in official transportation against campaigning members of Liberal and Peasant Parties; and isolation of members of Liberal and Peasant Parties within Cabinet.

[Page 592]

He recalls past efforts to draw attention of President of Council to infringements have been ignored and states he therefore is now forced to address three great allies upon faults of past and dangers of future mentioning specifically that if electoral law is promulgated without consultation of full cabinet as budget was promulgated it will not be fair law.

Maniu’s memo (reported in my 463 of May 1, repeated Paris as 2771) with Bratianu’s letter give official confirmation by leaders of historic parties to edicts this mission has reported since departure of ambassadors on January 10. They give point to my recommendation that United States Govt should protest to Rumanian Govt upon turn of affairs (remytel 297 of March 10). I may add longer our protest is delayed less effective it will be.

General Vinogradov72 who regardless of what he thinks must take Russian attitude that all is well in Rumania has ordered Communist Interior Minister M N Gheorgescu to prepare 150 dossiers upon acts of provocation and violence allegedly committed by members of historical parties. I understand these documents are for use by Mr. Molotov in answer to any protest we or the British may make on onesided respect for freedoms in Rumania.

Repeated Secdel Paris 44 and London 84½.

  1. Not printed; it reported receipt of a letter from National Peasant Party leader Maniu, copies of which had also been sent to the British and Soviet Missions, stating that the Groza government did not respect the Moscow Conference agreement on Rumania and hindered cooperation with the Liberal and Peasant Party representatives in the Cabinet. Maniu’s letter further requested examination of the Rumanian internal situation at the Paris Peace Conference. (871.00/5–146)
  2. Lt. Gen. Vladislav Petrovich Vinogradov, Soviet Chief of Staff, Allied Control Commission for Rumania.