711.75/2–546: Telegram

The Representative in Albania (Jacobs) to the Secretary of State

top secret

87. Remytel 85, Feb. 4. Following certain deductions and recommendations:

Since mid-December about time last Moscow Conference, Soviet influence here has been increasing by leaps and bounds until I believe it accurate to say that it is now paramount and that everything Albanian Govt is doing is directed by Communist pro-Soviet group with at least knowledge and consent of Soviet authorities and possibly under their direction. Knowing some of non-Communist members Govt as well as I do as result my 9 months’ connection with affairs this country, I believe they are impotent in face of this development and I doubt whether any Albanian official not fully behind Sovietization program is any longer free agent.
Believe our position here will become more difficult and our every activity circumscribed as much as possible. Doubt whether authorities will reply for some time on question treaties, certainly not until some similar step is taken Belgrade same subject. Also doubt whether they are any longer interested establishing relations with US and that they will refuse any request we may make for entry additional members staff here. As already reported they refused entry to British public relations officer on ground that matter can wait arrival British Minister. Also anticipate in view resumption telegraphic communications with Europe that I may be asked before long to close down my radio facilities here.

[Remainder of telegram is devoted to Mr. Jacobs’ recommendations that no additional officers be assigned to the Mission, that no further informational material be sent, and that the Army courier plane to Tirana seek to maintain a regular weekly schedule.]

Repeated Caserta 42; Moscow 9.