871.00/1–946: Telegram

The Representative in Rumania (Berry) to the Secretary of State

33. A letter addressed to Ambassador Harriman and dated January 8 and signed by Petru Groza, President of the Council of Ministers, and counter-signed by Emil Bodnaras, Secretary General, was received at the Mission. Translated it read:

“We have the honor to enclose herewith the declaration of the Rumanian Government, completed in accordance with the decisions of the Moscow Conference with reference to Rumania.

“The declaration of the Government is based on the unanimous decision expressed in the meeting of January 8 this year, of the Council of Ministers, including the representatives of the National Liberal Party under the leadership of Mr. Iuliu Maniu and the National [Page 562] Peasant Party under the leadership of Mr. Dinu Bratianu. The Rumanian Government thus conformed entirely with the decisions of the Moscow Conference.

“Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurance of our high consideration.”

The following declaration was attached:

“Today, January 8, there took place an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers under the presidency of Dr. Petru Groza.

“The President of the Council, after presenting the new Ministers, Messers. Mihai Romniceanu and Emil Hatieganu, proposed the approval of the Council of Ministers of the complete execution of the decisions taken between the 16th and 26th of December 1945 at Moscow by the Foreign Ministers of the Soviet Union, United Kingdom and United States.

“The Council of Ministers, taking this proposal under deliberation, considers it indispensably necessary to declare: (1) the accomplishment of general legislative elections in the shortest time possible (2) the assurance of freedom of these elections which must be made on the basis of universal suffrage and secret vote with participation of all democratic and anti-Fascist parties which will have the right to present candidates; (3) the assurance of freedom of the press, of speech, of religion and of the right of assembly.

“The Ministries of Interior, of Justice, of Religion and of Propaganda are charged with the carrying out of these decisions”.24

See my press telegram No. 32 of January 925 for press statements on this declaration.

  1. An identical letter and enclosed declaration were also handed to British Ambassador Clark Kerr. Telegram 307, January 10, from London, reported that the British Political Representative in Rumania, John Helier Le Rougetel, had cabled the British Foreign Office that assurances contained in the declaration were “perfunctory.” (874.00/1–1046)
  2. Not printed.