871.00/1–746: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State


23. Prime Minister Groza informed the Commission this afternoon that the Rumanian Government was prepared upon the Commission’s approval to include in the Government the two representatives proposed by the historic parties as listed in mytel 20 and to draft the Royal Decrees of appointment.

The Commission thereupon informed the King in audience of the results of its consultation.22 He thanked us for our efforts and informed us he would receive Groza upon request this evening and sign decrees.

The Commission will issue a brief communiqué tomorrow on the results and termination of its work.23

This is 23 from Berry, repeated as 4 to London and 8 to Moscow.

  1. The memorandum on the Rumanian Commission’s meeting with King Michael on January 7 at 7 p.m. is included in the American Official Record of the Rumanian Commission in file 871.00/1–146.
  2. On January 9, Ambassador Harriman addressed the following letter to Vyshinsky: “With the conclusion of the work of the Commission I wish to thank you for your cooperation in carrying out the tasks of the Commission. I trust that the Rumanian Government as now reorganized will fulfill the objectives of the Moscow decisions. Although I feel satisfied that the representatives of the historic parties finally selected as ministers in the Government fulfill the requirements of the Moscow decisions, I wish to record the fact that I do not admit the validity of the objections raised in the case of those representatives proposed by the parties who were rejected.” (American Official Record of the Rumanian Commission in file 871.00/1–146)