864.00/7–346: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Hungary ( Schoenfeld )

us urgent

678. Although reply to its 664 July 950 has not yet reached Dept, Brit Emb in meantime has made available your Brit colleagues tels [Page 324] 745 and 750 this connection and has expressed Brit agreement our suggestion advisability protest by US and UK against Soviet communication. Brit tels make it clear that Soviet communication predicated on pretext that Fascist and pro-Fascist movements in Hungary “were spreading”.

Accordingly, in view urgency matter you are authorized unless you perceive objection to request US Rep ACC to join his Brit colleague when latter receives similar instructions in protesting to ACC Chairman against transmission of Soviet communication to Hung Govt without consultation and without consent US member ACC, an action which seems clearly contrary to revised statutes of ACC as set forth in Clause 1 of Annex 1 of Potsdam protocol.51 Protest should include request that meeting be called to discuss fascist and pro-fascist movements in Hungary and demands if any to be made of Hung Govt in that regard. It should add that pending such consideration and ACC agreement on any demands or recommendations to be made by ACC Soviet communication to Hung Govt should be suspended. It should be pointed out that at meeting of ACC on Apr 23 at which Gen Sviridov presided it was agreed that Article 15 of Hung armistice relating to Fascist and pro-Fascist organizations etc should be considered as having been fulfilled by Hung Govt (Key’s tel Z 2648 Apr 2452) and that accusations against individuals named on grounds of Fascist sympathies seem hardly consistent with democratic records these persons which in the case of some at least include persecution and incarceration by the Germans. You should inform Hung Govt without delay concerning action US member ACC takes.

War Dept concurs.

Sent Budapest, rptd Paris, Secdel, London and Moscow.