761.64/7–1146: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary ( Schoenfeld ) to the Secretary of State


1281. We received this morning from Balogh copy Prime Minister’s reply dated July 10 to Sviridov letter.47 Reply was addressed to Sviridov Deputy Chairman ACC and refers to note addressed Prime Minister “On behalf of Soviet High Command”. Prime Minister’s reply takes cognizance of alleged Fascist activities against Red Army and measures which Soviet High Command expects Hungarian Govt to take for eliminating such anti-Soviet activities.

Reply then assures Sviridov of Hungarian Govt’s loyalty to its policy of friendship with Soviets and states it has determined to take following steps conforming to numbered recommendations of Sviridov letter (mytel 1279 July 10).

[Page 322]
To dissolve youth organizations named therein including Boy Scouts (Cserkesz), with intent to permit reorganization on request of new democratic leader.
Smallholders Party has replaced management of its youth organizations and designated three man committee to continue purge.
Govt cannot institute legal proceedings against Filler, Gyulai and Racz until Assembly suspends immunity and prefers charges and Prime Minister requests Sviridov to bring specific charges against individuals named in which event Assembly will start proceedings to suspend immunity.
Will require resignation of individuals named except in case of Pfeiffer and Zoeke. In these cases requests specific charges from Sviridov before requiring dismissal.
oStates organizations and clubs are being “indexed” and Govt is banning successively those assumed to be giving aid to Fascist elements.
Govt will publicly call on Catholic Priesthood in interest of good relations between two countries to refrain strictly from propaganda against Red Army and Soviet Union.
Govt has already called upon population to surrender small arms.

Prime Minister’s reply concludes with hope that on basis of these actions Soviet High Command will be convinced of Govt’s desire for collaboration.

Sent Dept repeated Paris for US Del CFM 242, Moscow 242 and London 255.

  1. A copy of Prime Minister Nagy’s letter to Sviridov was transmitted to the Department in despatch 1709, July 11, from Budapest, not printed.