C.F.M. Files: Lot M–88: Box 2063: Records of Decision

Record of Decisions, Council of Foreign Ministers, Second Session, First Meeting, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, April 25, 1946, 5 p.m.

C.F.M. (46) 1st Meeting


M. Bidault (Chairman)
M. Couve de Murville
Général Catroux
M. Massigli
M. Alphand
M. Fouques Duparc
U.S.A. U.K.
Mr. Byrnes Mr. E. Bevin
Mr. Connally Mr. H.M.G. Jebb
Mr. Vandenberg Mr. Duff Cooper
Hon. J. C. Dunn Sir Maurice Peterson
Mr. Cohen Mr. O.C. Harvey
Admiral Hewitt
General Lincoln
Mr. Matthews
Mr. Bohlen
Mr. Molotov
Mr. Vyshinsky
Mr. Dekanozov
Mr. F. Gousev
Mr. Bogomolov
Mr. Novikov

I. Chairmanship

On the motion of Mr. Byrnes the chair was taken at the first meeting by M. Bidault.

It was agreed that the chairmanship would subsequently rotate in the usual way.

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2. Rules of Procedure

On the proposal of Mr. Molotov, the Council, as an exception to what had been previously decided regarding the procedure for examination of the Peace Treaties, adopted without amendments the Draft Rules of procedure submitted by the French Delegation to the Deputies on 17th April (Document C.F.M. (D) (46)77).11

It was agreed that the expression “agreed by the Council” employed in paragraph 5 on Press Communiqués should be understood to mean that the communiqués would be settled by the Committee on behalf of the Council, reference been [being?] made to the Council only when the Committee could not agree and that there would be no obligation to issue a press communiqué daily.

3. Agenda of the Conference

After an exchange of views, the Council agreed that on the following day it would fix its agenda as a whole.

It instructed the Deputies, who will meet for the purpose before the Meeting above referred to, to submit a list of the questions concerning the Treaty of Peace with Italy on which the Deputies had been unable to agree and to suggest an order of priority for the examination of these questions.

They agreed to meet themselves at 4 p.m. to consider this list.

4. Austria

Mr. Byrnes announced that the United States delegation would submit a memorandum on Austria the following day.

5. Germany

M. Bidault circulated a memorandum by the French Delegation on the question of Germany. C.F.M. (46) 112

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