740.00119 Council/3–646: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Assistant Secretary of State (Dunn), at London


2248. For Dunn. Urtel Delsec 243 Mar 6. Dept agrees items 1 and 3 of French claims may be accepted, but suggests that Ital views be heard before decisions taken on other items. Dept feels French claims, particularly for Tenda Briga area, are excessive, and were made primarly for reasons of prestige and material advantage. Also, there is evidence that French opinion is divided as to advisability of pressing claims, and Dept hopes French delegation will be prepared to accept reasonable adjustment.

Dept agrees also that direct settlement would be most desirable, and as suggested urtel has proposed to Ital Govt that it approach French Govt again in this matter.

As regards reductions which French argue they have made in claims, Ital Govt has previously argued that at time Ital rights in Tunis were renounced French stated no territorial demands would be made other than in Fezzan region, and that where De Gaulle first discussed claims with De Gasperi no mention was made of claims in Bardonecchia area which French now say they have abandoned.