The Navy Department to the Department of State 93

1. The Navy Department has received the following information from the Commander, Seventh Fleet, concerning the situation in Manchuria and northeast China as of 14 December 1945.

On 11 December the Chief of Staff, 5th Division, 94th Chinese Nationalist Army, departed Chang Chun by plane and returned to Peiping. He reports the absence of Communist troops there. It has been proposed that the 5th Division be given a lift by air to Chang Chun. This proposal is still pending.

Headquarters of the 8th Chinese Nationalist Army are now at West Chiao Hsien.

On 14 December five of six missing planes were found. All were completely wrecked. Attempts will be made to locate the dead and those surviving.

J[ohn] L. McCrea

Rear Admiral, U. S. N.
  1. Sent by Rear Adm. John L. McCrea of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to the Chief of the Division of Foreign Activity Correlation (Lyon).