The Navy Department to the Department of State 93

The Navy Department has received the following information from the Commander, Seventh Fleet, concerning the situation in Manchuria and Northeast China as of 19 December 1945.

The Chinese Nationalist Army has taken Pan Shan. On 17 December the Generalissimo went by plane to Chin Chow. A Russian Army officer from Mukden was in Chin Chow on 18 December to discuss the movement of the Chinese Nationalist Army to Mukden. On the same date General Liu of Chin Chow Headquarters passed through Chinwangtao on his way to Peiping. General Liu indicates that the static condition of the front line of the Chinese Nationalist [Page 1054] Army is due to the Russian request for more time in which to remove troops and equipment from Mukden. General Tu Li Ming orders 500 Nationalist troops to reinforce Chinwangtao.

J[ohn] L. McCrea

Rear Admiral, U. S. N.
  1. Sent by Rear Adm. John L. McCrea of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to the Chief of the Division of Foreign Activity Correlation (Lyon).