893.00/12–1145: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Robertson ) to the Secretary of State

2144. Upon receipt of Department’s 1965, December 10, this afternoon, Embassy made inquiry of Foreign Office. Vice Minister Liu Chieh has now informed us that negotiations are continuing with Russians, with hope of conclusion shortly of agreements on following two matters: (1) transportation by air of Chinese troops to Changchun [Page 1051] and Mukden and (2) taking over of administrative organs in Manchuria by Chinese Govt personnel. Liu Chieh said that press report of agreement to land at Dairen was not correct, as sea transportation was not discussed with Russians, and also question of sea transportation would have to be discussed with U. S. authorities, (Sent Dept, repeated to Moscow.)

Liu Chieh informed us that Chinese Govt signed in Chungking today with Soviet Govt an agreement regarding military expenditures of Soviet forces in Manchuria. He said this would not be published but details would be furnished us for transmission to Department.