390.1115/9–1945: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Hurley )

1494. Department is without specific information as to General Wedemeyer’s plans for evacuation of liberated American civilian internees from China theater. Department has been proceeding on assumption that a coordinated plan was being worked out between headquarters General MacArthur24 and General Wedemeyer whereby liberated American and United Nation nationals from Japan and Asiatic mainland would be evacuated to central processing point, presumably Manila, as military necessity, from which point shipping space would be available for repatriation to United States. Department has received report from Johnson25 FSO at Yokohama that American internees are being evacuated by air together with POW’s to Manila so evidently the Japan evacuation is proceeding as anticipated. Department has also seen fragmentary Army G–5 reports indicating that a few American civilian internees from China points have been moved to Manila via Okinawa and that other groups are being moved to Shanghai. As you know a few American internees have been flown to Kunming.

Please report urgently full details proposed evacuation plan particularly from Shanghai where greater number of liberated American internees are concentrated.

  1. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan.
  2. U. Alexis Johnson, Consul, Yokohama Branch, Office of United States Political Adviser to Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers.