123 [Edwards, J. Dixon]: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1601. We have received urgent request from United States Army unit Hankow for Consular officer to care for American property and interests there. Swiss Consul [at] Tientsin urgently recommends American Consular officer be sent to that city immediately.

American interests may suffer if officers are not quickly sent to Hankow, Tientsin, Canton and other places. American citizens will have just cause for complaint if Department fails to provide personnel to look after American interests at this time.

We are willing, if Department desires, to send Edwards17 to Hankow. We can spare no other officers under our present staff conditions. We are critically shorthanded. Ringwalt18 and Freeman19 have never been replaced. Millet20 and Hinke21 have left to assist Army with internees. Briggs22 has departed. Paxton23 leaves shortly for Nanking to investigate conditions and housing for Embassy staff.

With increasingly heavy pressure of business, it is possible to handle only the most urgent current matters. In spite of long hours, much [Page 1393] important work in economic and political sections must be left undone. It is once again urgently requested that Embassy be given sufficient officers to do the work which should be done.

  1. Jay Dixon Edwards, Second Secretary of Embassy.
  2. Arthur R. Ringwalt, Second Secretary.
  3. Fulton Freeman, Second Secretary.
  4. Charles Sumner Millet, Second Secretary.
  5. Frederick W. Hinke, Second Secretary.
  6. Ellis O. Briggs, Counselor of Embassy recalled to the Department.
  7. John Hall Paxton, Second Secretary.