123 [Edwards, J. Dixon]: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

1628. In accordance with Department’s request, we are sending Edwards to Hankow. We would appreciate confirmation our assumption that upon arrival Shanghai (re Department’s telegram 148 [Page 1394] [1481], September 1826) Calder,27 Stephen Brown28 and Chase,29 all of whom have been assigned to Embassy, will proceed immediately to Chungking. We have on numerous occasions during past few months, most recently in our 1601, September 16 and 1617, September 19,30 reported on serious staff shortage in Embassy. We have been promised additional officers as well as replacements for those going home, but due to failure of Department to replace departures or to send promised additional officers, our staff situation is acutely critical. Again we urge that Department provide sufficient staff to meet pressing and important problems.

Swiss Consul Jorge from Tientsin, who was flown here by Army to discuss with various Embassies problems of American and other nationals he represents, called at Embassy today. He urged that American consular officer be sent without delay to Tientsin where his presence would be of greatest value in protection of American property and interests. We regretfully told him we had no officer available but said several officers expected arrive Shanghai from U.S. about September 30 and one of these would no doubt go to Tientsin. Lacking an officer, we are sending Frank Li Fu Liu, Chinese interpreter for many years at Tientsin, to that city to do what he can for American interests.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Alonzo B. Calder, Commercial Attaché in China.
  3. Second Secretary.
  4. Augustus S. Chase, Consul at Shanghai.
  5. Latter not printed.