393.115/9–1445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Hurley )

1456. According recent press reports from Shanghai Jap armed forces at Shanghai continue in possession of buildings hitherto occupied [Page 1392] by them including American-owned properties and are utilizing opportunity prior to their disarmament to loot, pillage and destroy various movable properties, records, etc. Various American organizations and individuals with interests at Shanghai have expressed concern over these reported depredations.

Dept. shares this concern and accordingly desires that you explore this matter with General Wedemeyer16 with view to devising means to accord earliest and fullest possible protection to American-owned properties at Shanghai and elsewhere in liberated China.

Dept. also desires that you discuss this matter with appropriate Chinese authorities, requesting their assistance in protection of American-owned properties in liberated areas and in early restoration of such properties to their American owners.

  1. Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer, Commanding General, United States Forces in China Theater, and Chief of Staff, China Theater.