President Truman to King Peter II of Yugoslavia

My Dear King Peter: I hasten to express my appreciation of the friendly sentiments you were so good as to convey to me in your letter of May 24, 1945.7

I hope you will feel assured that I, no less than my predecessor, the late Franklin Roosevelt, am fully conscious of the heroic sacrifices endured in the cause of freedom by the gallant people of Yugoslavia and am equally anxious that, in accordance with the principles of the Crimea Declarations on Yugoslavia and Liberated Europe, free representative institutions shall be established there by democratic processes. You are no doubt aware that it has consistently been the policy of the Government of the United States not to favor one faction in the political life of Yugoslavia to the exclusion of another. The United States Government has at all times sought to give reality to its pledge to concert action with a view to the implementation of the Yalta Declarations. It is my hope that, with such assistance as may be necessary, the people of Yugoslavia will be able to work out the urgent political and economic problems they face today and will, as a result, enjoy the full benefits of their liberation from Nazi tyranny and the full exercise of the four freedoms.

With assurances of my highest regard,

Sincerely yours,

Harry S. Truman
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