860h.01/5–1445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Yugoslavia (Patterson)

153. Caserta’s 2156 May 14. As a result of peremptory request by General Jovanovic early in May that British and American Military Missions in Yugoslavia be withdrawn the British FonOff, after consultation with the Dept, is instructing British Ambassador in Belgrade, upon receipt of concurrence of AFHQ, to join with you in requesting that the Yugolsav Govt withdraw its Military Missions from Italy.

You are authorized, upon receipt of AFHQ approval, to concert with the British Ambassador in presenting such a request to the Yugoslav Govt.6

Sent to Belgrade, repeated to Caserta.

  1. The request was subsequently made, and the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry informed Ambassador Patterson on July 13 that all missions were to be withdrawn from Italy by July 26.