860h.01/6–1445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

2757. Deptel 2622 June 8. During a discussion of Yugoslav matters with Foreign Minister Subasic who passed through Washington returning to Belgrade from San Francisco reference was made to Machek. Subasic rather regretted M. had felt it necessary to leave Yugoslavia. He thinks M’s enemies exaggerated the dangers in order to get rid of him, and still relies on Tito’s promise not to persecute M though he admits that the violent anti-Machek attacks at Belgrade remained unchecked. He asked that warm personal greetings be conveyed to M who should “be made to realize that he still has great political strength in the country” and should so conduct himself as not to prejudice his chances for returning at an opportune time. Subasic said he meant by this that M should be very reserved in relations with the press or with émigrés. He does not recommend M’s proposed trip to London because of the “Yugoslav atmosphere” to which he would be exposed.

Franges, who has been Chargé here for nearly a year and who will probably retire when Ambassador Simic returns from San Francisco, says that he would personally undertake for a time at least to provide funds for the support of M and family if in financial distress, but could not of course undertake to care for the whole group.

The foregoing may be communicated to M in your discretion. We would be willing to admit M to this country, but suppose he realizes that he would inevitably be drawn into the politics of the Yugoslav-American groups. If he should then desire to return from the US to Yugoslavia we could not, because of the obvious implications, provide official travel facilities unless requested by the Yugoslav Govt.