860h.01/6–745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

2622. Department approves action proposed in last paragraph urtel 3362, June 7,2 concerning Machek.

For your information Ambassador Patterson has already been instructed3 to concert with his British colleague in informing Yugoslav Foreign Office of Machek’s having come into Allied hands and his having been removed to rear where no restraint was being placed upon his movements.

No information in Department’s possession concerning Machek’s activities during and preceding German occupation of Yugoslavia indicates that he has collaborated with or otherwise assisted enemy. However Department has been informally advised that, while information available to British is similarly favorable to Machek, British Government is inclined to feel that his presence in England at this time would only further complicate already difficult British-Yugoslav situation existing in London.

  1. Not printed; in this telegram the Ambassador reported that he had been asked to assist in arranging Dr. Machek’s transportation to London for meetings with exiled Yugoslav political leaders there. Feeling that such action might be misinterpreted, Ambassador Caffery gave a non-committal reply and requested instructions from the Department. (860h.01/6–745)
  2. Telegram 116, May 30, 1945, 7 p.m., to Belgrade, not printed.