860h.01/1–2345: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador to the Yugoslav Government in Exile (Patterson), at London

Yugos 7. The Under Secretary made the following statement at his press conference today “This Government has not participated in the discussions concerning the agreement between Prime Minister Subasic and Marshal Tito for the establishment of a unified government in Yugoslavia. We have been kept informed of recent developments, however, and we approve of the main objective, namely, to enable the Yugoslav Government in exile and the various elements within the country to work together, within Yugoslavia, in the tasks arising from the liberation.”44

  1. At the same press conference Mr. Grew added in an off-the-record statement that “what this Government most wanted was unification of the various elements within Yugoslavia and also to see eventually a fair and free election in Yugoslavia, so that the people in the country would be able to choose their own government and the form of that government.” (Memorandum of Press and Radio News Conference, January 23, 1945, filed under 860h.01/1–2345)