The British Embassy to the Department of State


King Peter, without consulting His Majesty’s Government, dismissed Dr. Subasic and his government on the night of January 22nd. It is not known whether His Majesty intends to try and form another government, but even if he does, His Majesty’s Government are not prepared in the present circumstances to recognize it.

Dr. Subasic was informed on the morning of January 23rd that King Peter’s action does not affect the intention of His Majesty’s Government to see the Tito-Subasic Agreement carried out and that for this purpose they are ready to transport him and his government to Belgrade together with all Yugoslav politicians who desire to go there. His Majesty’s Government are also informing Tito to this effect.

In the view of His Majesty’s Government united action by the Three Powers is essential, and the quicker and more decisive it is, the less is the likelihood of trouble.

His Majesty’s Ambassador is instructed to inform the State Department most urgently of the above and to suggest that the Three Great Powers should agree that it is desirable for the Agreement to come into force and should inform Tito that if he will concert with Dr. Subasic and his Government to carry out the agreement, the Powers will recognize the united Government formed in accordance therewith and will accredit Ambassadors to the Council of the Regency. His Majesty’s Government also suggest that pending the formation of this united Government, no government formed either by King Peter or Marshal Tito alone should be recognized.

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His Majesty’s Government would be grateful to learn at the earliest possible moment whether the United States Government agree to the above proposal.

His Majesty’s Government are sending a message on similar lines to the Soviet Government.