340.1115/6–2945: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

2333. Citizenship case of Jan Czechel was summarized in Emb’s airgram A–70, March 31.

Ref also his application for passport dated June 6. On date this passport was issued June 6 it was sent to FonOff with lengthy note reviewing entire case. It was pointed out that he had made application for Soviet exit visa Jan 3 and that no communication had been received from the FonOff concerning him since Jan 30. The note ended as follows:

“As there is no question involved of Mr. Czechel possessing either Polish or Soviet citizenship and as his Amer citizenship has been clearly established, the Emb will be obliged unless an exit visa is issued to him promptly to report to the US Govt that an Amer citizen is being detained in the Soviet Union against his will.”

Three more weeks have now elapsed and no reply has been forthcoming. We consider this a clear cut case of detention of an Amer citizen and accordingly request instructions as to what further action should be taken.