The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

No. 650

The Acting Secretary of State refers to the Department’s instructions numbers 259 of August 14, 194460 and 532 of April 17, 194561 concerning Mr. Isaiah Oggins who is imprisoned in the Soviet Union.

[Page 1151]

The Officer in Charge is requested to report to the Department whether it has been possible to obtain any recent information from the Soviet authorities concerning Mr. Oggins’ welfare or his possible release, and whether Mrs. Oggins’ message contained in the enclosure to instruction number 259 was delivered to her husband.

  1. See Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. iii, p. 771, footnote 22.
  2. Not printed; it enclosed a message from Mrs. Nerma Oggins for her husband and requested any information which might be obtained concerning Mr. Oggins (361.1121/2–1245).