711.94114 Supplies/11–645: Telegram

The Consul General at Vladivostok (Clubb) to the Secretary of State

101. Reference Department’s 40, 31st.59 Of Red Cross supplies remaining from 1944, reported Vladivostok’s 37, May 4,60 and 48,808 parcels shipped here second half April per SS Vtoraya Pyatiletka as covered by Amcross, Washington letter May 8 this Consulate, 714 [715] food parcels weighing 15,015 kilograms were forwarded by rail July 14 to International Red Cross representative Junod at Otpor in [Page 1067] accordance with Embassy’s instructions. All rest of cargo remains Vladivostok inasmuch as facilities for distribution contemplated by Department’s 23, August 15, were not made available by Soviet authorities.

  1. Telegram 40, October 31, 1945, not printed; it requested a report as to American Red Cross supplies sent to Vladivostok in the spring (861.48/10–3145).
  2. Not printed; it reported satisfactory condition of relief supplies on hand in Vladivostok amounting to 29,484 packages and 2,034 packages, respectively, from the American and British Red Cross societies (711.94114 Supplies/5–445).