711.94114 Supplies/8–2045: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Vladivostok (Henry) to the Secretary of State

69. After 2 days’ delay (DipAgent54 knew I wanted to see him but avoided me) I saw DipAgent this morning in effort to get Red Cross supplies to liberated prisoners55 in accordance Deptel 23, Aug 15, repeated Moscow as my 139, Aug 18.

I told him gist of telegram and asked him to transmit following requests to Soviet military authorities: (1) to inform me of any prisoners liberated with full details; (2) to transport or assist me to transport supplies to such liberated prisoners.

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In conclusion I emphasized well-being of former POWs is matter of utmost import to American people and Govt and consequently-requested full cooperation Soviet officials this matter.

Although DipAgent stated he would “do his best” I doubt that anything can be accomplished here without instructions from Moscow and respectfully suggest Dept request Embassy to act. I already asked Embassy by my 140, August 18, 6 p.m.56 whether it has received any instructions on this subject.

I shall do my utmost to promote matter here and shall report all developments.57

Repeated Moscow as 141.

  1. Dmitry Mikhailovich Ryzhkov.
  2. For documentation concerning the surrender of Japan on August 14, see vol. vi , section under Japan entitled “Surrender of Japan …”, Part I.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Telegram 1894, August 23, 7 p.m., to Moscow (26 to Vladivostok), authorized the Embassy to make urgent representations to the Foreign Office, stressing the time element, and added: “Highly desirable that supplies reach internees as soon as possible after liberation.” (711.94114 Supplies/8–2045)