740.00112 EW/3–1945

The Ambassador of the Soviet Union (Gromyko) to the Secretary of State


My Dear Mr. Secretary: There have been numerous references hi the foreign press lately to an economic agreement concluded by the United States with Switzerland. The text of this agreement has not been made public.

The Soviet Government has directed me to inform you that it would deem it desirable to obtain information as to the substance of the negotiations [Page 793] which took place, and as to the content of the agreement concluded with Switzerland. At the same time the Soviet Government would like to know whether there is an assurance, that the goods furnished to Switzerland in consequence of the agreement will not fall into German hands.

I should be very grateful to you, Mr. Secretary, for the bringing of the aforesaid to the attention of the Government of the United States, and for the communication to me of its answer regarding that question.41

Sincerely yours,

A. Gromyko
  1. In a letter dated April 7, 1945, the Secretary of State supplied Ambassador Gromyko with the substance of the negotiations and stated that the United States Government was satisfied that none of the goods to be made available to Switzerland tinder the agreements would fall into German hands (740.00112 EW/3–1945).