811.79658/3–245: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

808. Personal for Matthews64 from Cumming.

(1) Despite strong support for our ATC proposals which we have good reason to believe MA65 are receiving in many influential Swedish circles including the Air Force, civil aviation interest and especially the Foreign Office there are some indications that opposition in principle may have developed in other quarters including the defense staff. In part this opposition is based on narrow concepts of Sweden’s position as a neutral and in part arises out of irritation over various aspects of our policies with respect to Sweden. The latter may be an important factor in the case of politicians who are personally irritated by attacks on them in the press and in the Riksdag because of our Black List and economic warfare policies. We also do not overlook the possibility which cannot however be verified that British circles by now have at least some knowledge of our aims and one way or another are trying to throw sand in the machinery.

(2) If a substantially satisfactory reply is received from the Swedish Government today or tomorrow Gutru, Wilder and I will leave Sunday evening.66 If however no reply or an unsatisfactory reply is received we will, on the strong advice of the Minister and in the absence of contrary instructions from you, remain over for a week to try to accomplish something.

Please pass to OPD67 and Colonel Gates in ATC. [Cumming.]

  1. H. Freeman Matthews, Director of the Office of European Affairs.
  2. Military Attachés.
  3. March 4.
  4. Operations Division, War Department General Staff.