740.00119 Control (Rumania)/3–145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Representative in Rumania ( Berry )

99. Reurtels 150–152 March l.84 The various measures taken by the Soviet authorities to disarm Rumanian military units in Bucharest, to send others from Bucharest to the front, to reduce the Rumanian police and to establish Russian forces in the Rumanian military headquarters and other strategic points have attracted the Department’s particular attention. We hope that these steps have been taken solely for the purpose of maintaining order in the current political crisis and that the Soviet authorities will agree and act in accordance with our view, as suggested in numbered paragraph 4 of the Department’s 90, February 24, that the Rumanian Government should in normal circumstances have at its disposal adequate forces to ensure maintenance of internal order. It seems to us imperative in any case, and particularly if the Rumanian administrative authorities are to be deprived of the means of maintaining order, that all political groups still retaining possession of their arms should be disarmed at once.

With regard to Vyshinsky’s proposal of Groza as Premier and Tatarescu as Vice Premier, we have, as previously indicated, no desire to indicate preferences with regard to individuals. We confirm our view, however, that the coalition form of government should be preserved and that the above-named or any other individuals should be placed in power only in case they are acceptable to all major political groups.

We hope that you will continue to provide us with as full and precise information regarding Vyshinsky’s activities while in Bucharest as may be possible. We have found most helpful the comprehensive information provided in your and Schuyler’s reports and have noted with appreciation your joint work in dealing with the situation in the light of the Department’s instructions.

We should like you to keep in mind that any observations we may wish to make to Soviet officials concerning the application of the Yalta Declaration should be presented preferably at Moscow rather than at Bucharest.

Sent to Bucharest; repeated to Moscow.85

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[The Department’s expectations regarding the full implementation of the Crimea Declaration on Liberated Europe with regard to the former Axis satellite countries and the Department’s views on the attitude to be taken with regard to this agreement by the American representatives in the Allied Control Commissions for Bulgaria, Rumania, and Hungary, are set forth in telegram 55, March 3, 6 p.m., to Sofia, volume IV, page 169.]

  1. Telegrams 150 and 152 not printed, but see footnotes 81 and 82, p. 493; for telegram 151, see p. 489.
  2. As telegram 446.