740.00119 Control (Rumania)/3–145: Telegram

The American Representative in Rumania ( Berry ) to the Secretary of State

151. Mr. Vishinsky asked me to call at 6 this evening.

At the interview I reaffirmed the views set forth in my letter to him adding a statement regarding press matters—the necessity for taking measures promptly to ensure the freedom of the press in Rumania and the importance of permitting American correspondents to come here.

Mr. Vishinsky replied that there was very little difference in the points of view of the Soviet and American Governments and there was even less since the Yalta Conference.

In answering my question as to whether a new Prime Minister had been selected, he said that the King would make the choice after consultation with party leaders. I said I assumed that the party leaders would designate their own party candidates to serve in the government and Mr. Vishinsky replied that there were several cliques in the older parties that were Fascist and, of course, representatives from such groups would be out of place in a government bound to fight fascism.

When I said that until elections were held it seemed desirable to maintain the same proportion of representation in the government, a proportion which had been agreed upon by party leaders, he said that this could not be maintained as each party made preposterous claims but that the important point was not representation upon a quantity but a quality basis. He said that we might differ upon the definition of a coalition government but to him it meant representatives who thought similarly, chosen from several parties.

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Upon the question of disarming of political groups he said that this situation was brought about by Radescu’s failure and, so reacting, it would be the duty of the new government.

My general impression from the meeting was that of confirmation of the reports I have recently forwarded to the Department. Mr. Vishinsky is acting under direct instructions. He hopes to succeed saving the appearance of constitutional procedure but if necessary he will sacrifice that for a speedy solution.

Repeated to Moscow as 33.