740.00119 Control (Rumania)/3–145: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

2110. Sir Orme Sargent72 told us this afternoon that instructions had been sent to Clark Kerr to see Molotov again regarding developments in Rumania. After having expressed concern a few days ago about developments in Rumania, Clark Kerr was told that the British Government was misinformed about recent Rumanian developments. As it was felt strongly that matters could not be permitted to rest there, Clark Kerr was instructed to emphasize to Molotov once more the British hope that the Soviet authorities would see that a coalition government, representative of all political groups, would be established and maintained in Rumania until free elections could be held. At the same time, Sargent said, the British political representative on the Control Commission in Bucharest was instructed to express this hope directly to Vyshinski.

With reference to these most recent instructions, Sargent said that he personally felt it should also have been stipulated that such a government in Rumania should have adequate armed forces at its disposal. The latest reports regarding Rumanian armed forces, Sargent added in this connection, were disturbing. Reports which had just reached the Foreign Office from Bucharest indicated that the Soviets had [Page 489] ordered the disarming of the Rumanian troops in Bucharest and a drastic curtailment of the Rumanian police force in Bucharest. At the same time, Soviet troops in the city were being reinforced.

Disturbing as the situation in Rumania is, Sargent continued, he did not see what more could at this time be done by the British and American Governments. In contrast to British and American representation on Rumania, Soviet representation there is backed by Soviet military forces. In any event, Sargent concluded, British and American positions have now been made clear to the Russian Government.

Repeated to Moscow as 80.

  1. British Deputy Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; Superintending Under Secretary of the Southern Department of the Foreign Office.